- Anjali & Alpana
11th April 2018

Today, KV NO. 2 DELHI CANTT inaugrated  the Tarun utsav  for the 10th appeared students. Today was the inauguration ceremony of the event.

The event  commenced with the lamp lighting by   Bharti kukkal mam principal KV NO. 2 DELHI CANTT. with other respected teachers.

Then, Mr.s  Kirti Tandon mam (PGT, CHEM) 
invited principal mam to address the students present over there. Then principal mam came upon the podium and describe us the Mai objective of the event and told the students that beside the academics the tarun utsav giving opportunities to students to understand their own ability. And wishes all the students and teachers for the success of the programme with great spirit .

Then kirti mam explain us the schedule of the programme that the event was  going to be conducted for 20 days.  In these 20 days students will get some information about subject's and many enriched activities like , painting, music,  dance,  management, quiz, sports, and the most interesting for the students is field visit, film making and much  more. 
Is was also the first day of the event and the first session was addressed by the JYOTIKA SINGH MAM (COUNCELLOR) . she took a a pen paper test of students in which she asked to write  the first name of the students on the top and then she asked some question regarding what we choose as a career in future? why we like this occupation?  How much is our salary that we predict?  What type of knowledge we need to gain for the occupation?  And the last one is what are aiu work values???? 
Then we have to write our last name on the bottom of the page....... Through this activity we came to know that how much we know about the occupation that we have already chosen for our bright future😊😊.

The second session of the first day was addressed by the Miss, Japanjot kaur mam (hospitality tec.) Japan mam told us about the food production as an career. She told as very factual thing about the life that usually we used to do thing in peer pressure, parents pressure and may more but the we the only who make our life better so to do want our heart desire not to do want others told us to do. Japan mam also told us about human nature that we don't see our aspirations we tried to fulfill our parents aspirations from us or our friends.  Some times in these situation we lost our creativity. 

The session with Japan mam was too interesting and we wish to had more sessions with her.  

The last session of the day was addressed by UP SINGH Sir ( PGT CHEM).  He told us about the importance of discipline in any kind of feild. He told us the first stair of success is discipline and in any kind of work there are some sort of rules and regulations which come under discipline criteria. Then he told the students about the 5P PRINCIPLE. where the first P stands for planning  the second P stand for preparations, the third P stands for practise ,the fourth P stand for patience and the last P stands for pray to god. 

With this precious idea the day came to an end and we learn a lot from our teachers and their experiences. 


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