-Divyanshi & Isha

The 2nd day of the 20 day long program was celebrated with great enthusiasm and with a keen interest for learning. 

First of all, Kirti mam( PGT, chemistry), Incharge of the Utsav addressed us and welcomed us to the second day of the Utsav. Then we all were asked about the fields that interest us and the activities we would like to takeup, we all, very keenly told her about the activities we would like to take up. The activities were wide ranging from academic fields like science and maths to fine arts like painting, dancing ,singing and pottery.
Session being conducted by Kirti mam

the second session was addresed by Jyotika mam (Counsellor). she taught u about essential and valuable human values which are necessary for a successful life ahead. We were divided into two groups and we played the game "human knot" which aimed at teaching us teamwork and teamspirit. After this, we played a game called "Brain storming game " which had a lot of logical reasoning based questions mainly to develop  our reasoning skills. Both the games were enjoyable and we had a lot of fun . We were also shown a video and then Jyotika mam very affectionately told us not to lose our creativeness, to always follow our heart, and to never be afraid of failing.

The game human knot being played by students

The third session of the 2nd day program was conducted by Jitendra sir(Yoga instructor). he first of all asked students about the objectives of the program from their point of view and many students came up with their own notions of the objectives of the program. He was pleased with the multitude of ideas brought up by the students.and then he told us some very important wisdom which was to be cherished by all students. He told us six very important wisdom which was to be cherished by all students . He told us that firstly, we must listen to all, but do what our heart desires. secondly, he told us that we must not place our foot in two boats together. He also advised us to take up only that as a profession which we consider as our best talent. He advised us to have a profession in which we won't have to hurt anyone.and lastly he added that our profession must be a noble one in which we work for the welfare and well being of the people around us .  We listened to him carefully and remembered each of his words by heart.

The last session of the second day of the Utsav was addressed by Agnibina mam (PGT, physics). She asked us all to tell about what  was that one  big ambition in our lives . We wished to pursue and what were, the confusions , if their were any , in our minds regarding our streams. Each of us told about our ambitions, our goals, some said civil services some said, defence, some had something new and different  in their minds like cooking or painting. Some students were completely confused  regarding their streams. Agnibina mam very affectionately   cleared everyone's doubts and very cheerfully explained to us what else we can do in order to get a step closer to their goals. Her friendly nature made everyone open up on their problems and doubts and she cleared each doubt very sincerely.

Class being addressed by Agnibina mam

In this way , the 2nd day of the Utsav ended and we all went home having a sense of pleasure that we learned something new and got a chance to broaden our horizons about everything.    


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